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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

In South Australia Wind Turbines are generally used for off the grid backup or hybrid systems. There is currently no feed in tariff available within South Australia for on grid applications for wind turbines. Natural Technology has 25 years experience installing wind turbines on backup and hybrid systems. We have installed upwards of 60 small scale wind turbines on our 14 metre tower.

Rutland 913

Rutland Wind Turbine

The Rutland 913 Wind Turbine is designed for both Marine and Camping applications. The Rutland 913 is also ideal for small hybrid systems as a 24 hour top up charge for your batteries. It produces 90 watts in 19 knot winds and is available in both 12 & 24 Volt Models. The major advantage of the Rutland 913 is it is one of the quietest wind turbines available on the market.


Soma Wind Turbine

Soma Wind Turbines come in a 400W and 1 k/w Models. Soma Wind Turbines provide an attractive, reliable and economical source of electricity for remote areas. Soma wind turbines have been manufactured since 1978 and in Australia since 1996. The blades are constructed using a hollow moulded fibreglass technique that is unique to Soma turbines. At unsafe wind speeds the Soma wind turbine has a tilt-back feathering mechanism which relieves pressure on the wind generator and tower. This is a fail-safe design with mechanical simplicity.

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Westwind Wind Turbine

For larger wind setups Natural Technology Systems use Westwind wind turbines, made in Ireland.

Westwind is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high quality and robust 3kW, 5kW, 10kW and 20kW wind turbines. Westwind has supplied turbines, towers and turbine controllers for use in many different applications around the world since 1984.

Natural Technology Systems have experience installing all models throughout South Australia.

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