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Solar Ventilation

Keep your house fresh and dry with SolarVenti - and help your heating during winter!

Ideal for holiday houses, caravans, attics, garages – and other buildings not in regular use.

Stop the mould and bad smells

We all know it too well: houses not used regularly get that locked-up smell. They become mouldy and damp, metal equipment rusts and clothes and curtains start to smell. This can create major maintenance and deterioration issues and devalue the property.

No running costs

This solar-powered system costs nothing to run. Once installed, the sun automatically powers the system without any risks of leakage or property damage, making it ideal for houses periodically unoccupied.

Ventilation with heating

Whenever the sun shines, SolarVenti will blow fresh, warm and dry air into the building ensuring humidity and smells are removed. The SolarVenti system not only ensures a dry and fresh environment, it also provides additional heating for the building. The overall operation of SolarVenti is simple, efficient and free.

SolarVenti Operating Principles


A north, north-east or north-west facing site with minimal shade is ideal. SolarVenti can either be mounted directly on the wall or roof-mounted and is affixed to the special brackets provided. The valve for airflow regulation is installed inside the house and connects via a flex-tube to the solar air panel and fan outside.

Easy to install

The system can be fitted within a few hours, either by an installer or by a handyman. The only tools needed are a power drill, screwdriver, hammer and chisel. Full simple instructions for installation are provided.

Cooling kit

The SV 30 system is supplied with a cooling kit which includes an extra fan and thermostat. At a set temperature, the second fan will start drawing cooler air from below the house and blowing it through the inside of the house to cool the room or, alternatively, the fan may be installed to remove warm air.

Use SolarVenti instead of:

  • electric or gas-powered heating in empty buildings
  • compressor systems which use electricity
  • other dehumidifying systems, which are costly to install and operate.

Why is this a better way of removing humidity?

  • After installation, SolarVenti runs automatically and WITHOUT ANY COST.
  • It doesn’t just remove moisture; SolarVenti pushes fresh air into the building.
  • The risk of dry rot is decreased.
  • SolarVenti operates without electrical power supply.
  • No extra heating is needed to keep the house dry.
  • Odours are removed.

Where is SolarVenti most useful?

  • Where fresh air is most needed in all sorts of rooms, buildings and houses which stand unoccupied for long periods. Garages, basements, attics, caravans, etc. may also benefit from solar-powered dehumidification and heating.
  • Prevents stored materials from going mouldy or rusty.
  • This system runs for many years WITHOUT MAINTENANCE OR ADDITIONAL COSTS.

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"After buying a SolarVenti 14 for our 60 m2 summer cottage, we found we had a nice supplement to help heat the house, especially in spring and autumn. It’s also great in winter, partly heating the house while circulating fresh natural air.

... It is an ingenious product which absolutely fulfils what it promises, and we highly recommend it."

Best regards, Kurt & Lone Rise, Denmark

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