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Natural Technology Systems stocks a large range of solar charge regulators.

The purpose of a solar charge controller or voltage regulator, as it is more commonly known, is to protect batteries from becoming overcharged, which can shorten the lifespan of the battery.

Solar regulators monitor the voltage of the battery bank, which increases as the battery reaches its full charge. At a predetermined voltage, which varies for different types of batteries, or if the temperature becomes too high, the regulator will stop the charging of the battery.

When this occurs, the solar power will be delivered to the grid via the inverter if the system is set up in this way, i.e. a grid-connected solar system.

The range of products Natural Technology Systems has available are:

  • PR1210 12V 10 Amps
  • PL20 12-48V 20 Amps with LCD
  • PL40 12-48V 40 Amps with LCD
  • PL60 12-48V 60 Amps with LCD
  • Plasmatronics 20/20 negative ground 20 Amps with LCD

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The Dingo System


The Dingo 20/20 is the next generation solar charge controller from Plasmatronics. We have taken the best features of the PL series controllers, drawn on our extensive industry experience and created a controller thatís in a class of its own.

  • Reliable, easy to understand, one button interface and proven, easy to learn menu structure.
  • Symmetrical charge and load currents, both 20A.
  • Industry standard four stage charging regime.
  • 12,24,32,36 and 48V selectable. Only one controller to stock.
  • Takes the heat - Full charge and full load current in 50oC heat.
  • Negative Ground. Easier to use in vehicles and easier to understand for people used to working with vehicle electric systems.
  • More terminals. A terminal for every wire. Wiring is simpler and quicker.

Intelligent Regulators from Plasmatronics



A comprehensive LCD display gives battery voltage, charge current, Ah in and out, load current, battery temperature (with optional sensor) and more. System performance data is available for the last 30 days. The controller remembers what happened, even if the user might not.

Well Connected

With the optional PLI interface and PLCOM software, the user can access all the functions from a remote computer. All data can be read, and all settings adjusted.


Because it can handle 12, 24, 32, 36, and 48V systems, and be set to deal with any battery requirements, you can use it in almost any battery charging job. It may be the only regulator you will ever need to stock. (Higher voltages available on special order).

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