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Beat the Price Heat - Investing in solar panels can help stop power bills going through the roof

9th September, 2012


Solar power remains an effective way to combat the regular rise in energy prices, Natural Technology Systems company director Kim Atkinson says. “We have seen recently another increase in supply and electricity charges from energy retailers across South Australia,” he says. “Electricity charges have been seen to increase by an average of 10c per kilowatt hour. ”On an example bill of 16 kWh/day load, a 10c/kWh increase will result in a quarterly rise of $145.60, with an annual increase of $582 to an existing electricity expenditure of $1460 per year. “Installing a solar system is an easy way of ‘future=proofing’ your home against further price rises.”

According to Kim, the State Government’s present feed-in-tariff scheme will pay consumers 16c a kW plus an additional 9.8c a kW from your electricity retailer.

“This tariff will allow you to take control of your electricity costs and limit the effect of further price rises to your power bills,” he says. “This is now more viable for commercial businesses with power usage during sunlight hours.”

Natural Technology Systems is a 100 per cent Adelaide family-owned company, which has been providing South Australia with premium solar installations since 1984. Kim says their experience is second-to-none when it comes to designing a solar system to suit all needs.

“Whether it is for camping, off-road vehicles, properties isolated from the grid, residential and commercial properties wanting to offset skyrocketing power bills, Natural Technology Systems can design a premium system to suit your needs,” Kim says. “Our professional staff will give you accurate and truthful information on your requirements for your solar system for your house or property.”

Visit the company’s Propsect showroom to learn more about how you can benefit from solar power.

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