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Hybrid Solar Electricity Systems

For more than 25 years Natural Technology Systems has led the way in quality Hybrid Power Systems within Australia. Our experience combined with exceptional after sales service will result in you having a system that will meet and maintain your needs with a minimum of fuss.

At Natural Technology Systems we only use the best components that we know will last the test of time. Your system will be designed thoroughly and we will explain to you in depth as to the equipment that you need. All work done complies with Australian Standards and is done by accredited members of the Clean Energy Council and NTS Solar Certified Installers.

At current there are no major rebates for hybrid systems from the federal government. We recommend you get a quote for connection to the grid from ETSA before contacting us. This will help us to identify the best options for your power supply.

Hybrid Solar Electricity Systems Diagram

If you are in a situation where a hybrid system is an option the best thing you can do is make an appointment with our staff to size a system to your needs. To do this we need the basic information of what you intend to run within your property. If you wish you can download this load summary form here (link) and send it to us.

For too long, homes, farm buildings and other remote sites not connected to the power grid have had to rely on diesel to generate their electricity. Diesel is expensive to buy, has to be transported to the site, is noisy in operation, pollutes the environment and is an inefficient means of providing power.

Solar systems operate efficiently and silently, are particularly suitable for use in remote areas and have never been more affordable. Advances in solar panel and inverter design have significantly improved the performance and reliability of hybrid solar systems.

The team at Natural Technology Systems design and install home solar systems of almost any size.

Hybrid Systems
  • We offer a range of monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicone panels. All panels have passed stringent international tests and carry a 25 year guarantee.
  • An appropriate inverter charger will be selected to suit the needs of your system.
  • The batteries are selected from a wide range to precisely match your particular energy storage requirements.
  • Mounting for the panels can be suited to your needs. We are able to offer roof mounted framing, ground mount or angle frames to maximise the efficiency of your hybrid system.
  • We provide a metering panel including fuses, battery status indicators, cabling, etc., which is installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Natural Technology Systems specialise in remote hybrid solar / wind power solutions. You can view some of our projects we have been involved in by clicking here

Hybrid Systems

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