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Composting Toilets

"Why is the Rota-Loo the right composting toilet for me?"

Because Rota-Loo's are...

  • waterless
  • odourless
  • easy to install
  • easy to maintain
  • able to convert fresh waste into organic humus
  • approved in every state
  • among the world’s finest composting toilets

The Rota-Loo comes in a variety of sizes for all applications.

When installed correctly, the ROTA-LOO provides optimum conditions for the natural hygienic process of composting to occur. Composting is the most appropriate method for dealing with human waste and is completely natural. A composting toilet is traditionally a waterless toilet and therefore respects precious water supplies and doesn't create any pollution. Because the Rota -Loo doesn’t use water to transport deposits from one place to another, the Rota Loo must sit directly below the toilet room. In your toilet room there is no chain to pull or button to press; apart from that, it’s your average loo.

Some of the key Rota-Loo features are...

  • Inside a precision built Rota-Loo are six removable compost bins housed on a turntable.
  • The turntable is manually rotated once a bin becomes full. The full bin remains inside the system to continue the composting process.
  • Once a composted bin comes around for use again, the contents will be reduced to two-thirds of their original volume and transformed into a soil-rejuvenating humus.
  • There is no strenuous raking, bending or digging of any fresh waste.
  • The Rota Loo has the lowest profile of any composting toilet.
  • There is virtually no maintenance.
  • The have virtually unlimited capacity ... and the toilet room is always fresh.
  • One of the most significant benefits of the Rota-Loo system is its ability to use spare bins. If an installation receives a shock loading and all the bins become full before the first has fully composted, a spare bin can be put in its place and the other removed to finish composting in a safe place.

Why is there no smell?

Some people think that all composting toilets smell. This is definitely not the case with the Rota-Loo system.

The smell that one normally associates with sewage or septic tanks is actually caused by anaerobic bacteria. These are formed when too much water or liquid is mixed with urine and faecal material. The Rota-Loo, being a waterless system, is designed to remain aerobic and not produce odour.

Each of the six internal composting bins has a filter in the bottom. This means that all solids are retained in the bin and liquids are allowed to separate. From this, it is plain to see that the process is completely aerobic and smells are minimised.

The other safeguard you have with the Rota-Loo system is the convenience of being able to put a fan into the system. There is a fan available for every common power supply. Air is continually being pulled through the Rota-Loo to the vent and creates a negative pressure at the pedestal. This means that a small amount of air is always being taken from the toilet room ... keeping it nice and fresh.

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